Why Walser?

A Walser dealership isn't going to give you the typical car buying experience. That's a good thing.

Our Best Price right up front.

We publish our best price everyday on every vehicle whether you're on the lot or on the internet. Some brands restrict dealers with a Minimum Advertised Price; they won't allow dealers to display new car pricing under a certain amount unless you've developed a relationship. In our dealerships, operating under these restrictions, we've developed 'Sign In For Pricing' which, after an email exchange, allows the shopper to see our best price on all these vehicles. It's a similar approach some on-line retailers use where a customer has to 'add to cart' to see the price.

By eliminating the hassle of negotiating, we think it makes it easier for the customer to concentrate on finding the right vehicle.

The amount of people you'll work with when you buy a car at Walser.

Walser has designed a business model that allows a customer to work with one person from greeting to delivery. This includes exploring financing options and handling the paperwork. In a traditional dealership, customers get handed off to 'closers' and finally wind up waiting to experience the 'business office'. By eliminating these road blocks, we've developed an experience that is fast, fun and fair without all the waiting which is typical of the old model. Think of it as automotive concierge service.

We simply don't negotiate.

Walser automotive pioneered negotiation free one price selling in 2001. We believe that customers want great, up front pricing without the hassle and haggle of the negotiations typically found in car dealerships. Every vehicle is clearly marked with our pre-discounted Walser Best Price. There are no hidden costs and no negotiations. Walk right in and get our best price.

You'll get one at Walser.
Well, at least for your next vehicle.

Savvy used car shoppers will at some point want to see an independent vehicle history report. While there are several on the market, CARFAX has become the go-to. Carfax charges consumers $39.95 per report and while some dealers might provide a summary of the Carfax, Walser provides the complete report on every vehicle in stock for free. If you find a vehicle you might be interested in, click on 'Show Me the Carfax' and you'll see the entire report.

Buy with confidence.

All purchases at Walser come worry-free with our exchange and return program. If your vehicle is not a perfect fit, just return or exchange it undamaged. Walser offers a 3 day/300 mile return policy on all vehicles, and a 30 day/1500 mile exchange policy on most used vehicles**.