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Take Care of Your Engine! Schedule an Oil Change at Our MN Subaru Dealer near Minneapolis

Treat your engine well and it will serve you for many miles and Minnesota journeys to come. A vehicle's engine needs motor oil to smoothly pump the pistons and keep the friction created by metal-on-metal contact under control. That oil must also be clean or dirt will build up, causing damage, reduced lubrication and, ultimately, a seized engine. Don't let that happen to you. Change your oil at Walser Subaru today! We have a team full of skilled Subaru service professionals who can inspect your oil filter, oil quality and fluid levels. Not sure if your engine needs conventional motor oil, synthetic oil or semi-synthetic oil (a mixture of the two)? Ask the pros! They'll also tell you more about oil change intervals if you're confused about them.

What is the proper oil change interval for your vehicle?

Your owner's manual will best answer that question. It will list the manufacturer's suggestion and recommendations based on the vehicle and oil type. However, for an easy rule to follow, most new cars that are less than five years old should get an oil change every 5,000 miles. Luckily for you, when you hit that 5,000-mile marker, you can count on the service department at our Subaru dealership near Minneapolis, MN!

How can you tell it's time to change your oil? 

·       You've driven the car for over 5,000 miles.

·       The oil change indicator light is on.

·       You can smell burnt oil.

·       The engine's oil level is low. 

·       The oil appears very dark upon inspection.

Whether you own a used Subaru Outback or a brand-new BRZ, drop it off in the service facility of our Burnsville Subaru dealership to get yourself the oil change you need. Set up an appointment today!


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