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Change Car Battery and Solve Car Problems at Our Subaru Dealership near Edina, MN

A vehicle driven regularly will adequately run on one battery for roughly four years. After that, car batteries typically begin to weaken. Drivers may encounter difficulty starting their vehicles and may need to rely on the kindness of friends or strangers as they jump-start their batteries. To make matters worse, weak batteries struggle to retain their charges, so the problem becomes a persistent one. Does your dead car battery keep leaving you dead in the water? If so, take your vehicle down to our Subaru dealership near Edina, MN. We'll test and replace faulty batteries and get your life back on track!

How can you tell your car battery needs to be brought in for replacement? 

  • You need to jumpstart your car to turn it on.
  • The car frequently loses power and dies as you drive it. 
  • The check battery indicator light turns on.
  • You notice malfunctions in other parts of your vehicle, like the clock, interior computers or digital radio.
  • The lights flicker. 

If your weak battery is sapping your patience, relax: the Subaru service professionals at our Burnsville Subaru dealership have what it takes to get the job done. We have expert knowledge of all things Subaru and have no trouble testing, replacing and charging car batteries in mere moments. Plus, we have advanced auto service technology in our service facility -- technology you likely don't have when you try to do it yourself. We'll use our sophisticated electronic tester to analyze your battery and its electrical output. We'll also inspect your battery, looking for signs of corrosion and stains, replacing the battery if necessary and charging it up if not. While we're at it, we can check your charging system to ensure your alternator is properly charging your battery whenever your vehicle is in motion. Don't delay: set up a battery service appointment at our Minnesota Subaru dealer today. Walser Subaru is here for you!


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